360 marketing campaigns, organic + paid social, packaging retail display,  homepage layouts, retargeting + editorial copy


organic social campaign, “Love Languages

organic social campaign, “Winter Tooth Sensitivity


holiday email promo, “White Elephant Gifts

paid social campaign, “Astrology

holiday email promo, “Make Waves

email newsletter, “The Mouthoff”, march 2022

DTC packaging, “Off to New App-ventures” refill pamphlet

email + paid social campaign, “July On-the-Go

DTC packaging, Q3 Refill Flats Tray

provider program, “Onboarding Manual” 

organic social post, ”Beauty isn’t...

email + organic social campaign, “quip Wrapped

organic social post, “Brushing with the Zodiac

organic social post, “Certified Toothbrush Lovers